Sunflower Fest 2017 partner TONIC Health & Wellness, will deliver a Holistic Festival in the BLISS area of Sunflower Fest this year.

The festival will highlight a range of wellbeing options on offer for individuals and families from all walks of life by providing a range of natural therapies, creativity & wellbeing, crafts, products, workshops, Yoga, Dance, Fitness, Readings, performances, experiences and activities. Offering time-out to festival goers, as well as promoting a healthy way of life.

TONIC believe in bringing out the zest for life through health and wellness showcased at fun events.They organise festivals, workshops and special events in vibrant settings, where individuals, groups and families can try new activities, explore healthier choices and discover a life lived differently.

TONIC also currently work with Belfast MELA, SOMA Music Festival Castlewellan, local councils and event organisers to deliver their festivals and wellness events. As well having hosted their own personal TONIC Festival @ T-13 in 2015

Their events and festivals feature highly qualified therapies and facilitators and traditional consultants from across the spectrum.

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